Digital Marketing Coaching

You realise that you need to be using digital marketing to promote and grow your business, but you’re overwhelmed by all of the options, unsure about how to track down your ideal customer, and clueless about how to get them to come to you. Sound familiar?

My 3- and 6-month digital marketing coaching programmes are designed to help small business owners and entrepreneurs gain the skills and confidence they need to effectively market themselves online, attract customers and grow their businesses.

Weekly video calls including training, support, worksheets (and a bit of optional homework!) keep you accountable and keep you continually moving forwards in your business. By the end of the program (if not before!) you’ll be marketing yourself online with clarity and confidence, and attracting a steady stream of new clients!

To find out more and see if I can help you, book a call with me.

Bespoke training

Would you like to keep your social media in-house, but could benefit from a more in-depth understanding of how to use it for your business? Want to become an expert in a particular channel? Need to train your staff to safely and effectively use social media at work?

Black Label can come to you and deliver social media training in your office, to any number of staff, making training with us far more affordable than sending multiple delegates to expensive off-site courses. Plus, your training can be tailored to your brand and specific business needs.

Alternatively, we can also deliver bespoke training online, using screen-sharing software.

We can provide various levels and lengths of Social Media training, from introductions to in-depth masterclasses . Contact us to discuss your requirements and get a competitive quote.

Digital Marketing Consultancy

Stuck on a certain area of your online marketing, or just no idea where to start? I can help!

From set-up to strategy, advertising to automation, whatever your problem, let me show you the right way forward. Get in touch to discuss your digital marketing questions.

Social Media Strategy Workshops

Creating and implementing a new social media strategy is a huge piece of work, and can often seem overwhelming. An effective strategy also needs the support of your whole team, and to get this it is vital that everyone understands it’s purpose and the reasoning behind it.

Our social media strategy workshop leads you and your team through the tricky task of creating your strategy in a fun, interactive and productive session. At the end of the workshop, you will come out with a solid strategy, workable implementation plan, and most importantly, a team who are bought-in and enthusiastic about getting going to help your business take over the world on social media!

To discuss your business and book a strategy session, please get in touch.